Watch how Jerry gets his bathtub clean inside 30 seconds. TUBSKY has a patent pending shape developed over years of trials which makes it easy to use. This contoured bathtub liner creates an instantly clean bath.

Using your TUBSKY is as easy as 1. 2. 3.

TUBSKY tailored bathtub SHEETs are simple to set up.

  1. Place TUBSKY in your bathtub and secure to the four corners using the included method (that's right, NO scrubbing the tub first!) or method of your choice.

  2. Take a great bath! Feel free to put a cushion or a towel or something under your TUBSKY for a soft and warm bath - it won't float because it will be under your TUBSKY.

  3. When you are done bathing, empty TUBSKY by tipping the top edge down and allowing the water out of the TUBSKY into the bathtub. Leave the velcro dots in each corner for easy use next time you take a bath.


If you are using a TUBSKY during a shower, then be aware that water may get under the plastic film and TUBSKY could shift around and be unsafe.


  • If your bathtub is cast iron, you can use magnets to hold the liner in place during installation.

  • Some customers have used shampoo bottles in the corners or have gotten their TUBSKY wet and stuck it to the edges. Do it your own way and let us know how it goes!


Simply lower any edge below the water line so that the water can start getting on the other side. This will start "ungluing" it. Then you can easily lift out the TUBSKY by pulling on the opposite side. It literally slides out from between the tub and the water.