While there are all sorts of tools out there to clean your tub, none works as well as a TUBSKY does! So if you are here to get your TUBSKY clean, we just received a question from one of our newest TUBSKY tribe members from Canada:

Question: Hi, We got our tubsky a couple of weeks ago and love it! Wanted to ask about washing it in the machine. It seems like the water might not get easily everywhere because of the way it creases. Also, it seems like your recommendation is to clean it manually, right? Thank you.

And here is my looooong winded answer:

I am so thrilled to hear that you love your TUBSKY. That means alot to me.

If you are concerned about the soapy water reaching all parts of the your TUBSKY while it is in the washer, maybe turn it inside out so that the most important part is exposed to be cleaned?

When I bathe I usually just use Epson salts so after my bath I rinse off the TUBSKY and let it drip dry and then use it again: maybe two or three times before I throw it in the laundry basket. I have a few TUBSKY's so I will use a fresh one if I don't get around to doing the laundry before my next bath. I usually wash my TUBSKY with either sheets or towels. My sister just throws everything in together. Some people wash it separately.

Now, if I had an oily or muddy bath, I send the TUBSKY through the washer by itself so it doesn't spread oil or mud onto other items.

I once found a TUBSKY folded up in a plastic box and it had been put away wet. It was covered in mold. Just as an experiment, I threw it in the washer with a half cup of bleach and sent it through on a regular cycle (front loader). It came out perfectly clean without a spot of mold anywhere on the plastic or even the binding (that is the fabric part around the edges).

I don't know if this answers your question. I get what you are saying though. Its a mind bender to think "did the soapy water touch all the parts of the plastic?" I just assume that it did because it suits me to assume that. I'm kind of lazy like that. But if it were imperative to know that the TUBSKY was 100% clean then I might dunk it in a sink of water with a bit of bleach in it and rinse it around before throwing it in the wash.

Thank you again for your compliment!  I always wonder after each TUBSKY is sent off how it will be received.  

So if you are still with me, have a great bath! And when you are ready to clean your tub, check out this fierce woman’s litany of ideas: