Self Love Bath Recipe

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Life is filled with self doubt and it can be hard to see one’s self in a good light from time to time, take time to relax and clear your mind of negative thoughts and opinions of yourself.

What you need:

- White and/or Pink candles

- Organic flower petals rinsed off

Oils and Salts

- Coconut oil

- Epson salt ( meant for soaking in do not subsitute with any other kind of salt )

- Small drops of you favorite scented essential oil ( rose or lavender is my recommendation )


- If you have any rose quartz those are handy as well :)

What to do:

- Run a bath at a comfortable warm or hot temp to your preference.

- As the water runs ad ¼ to ½ a cup of coconut oil depending on how much water you like in your baths.

- Stir in the oil and add in the Epson salt with your hands.

- Next scatter the flower petals of your choice into the bath, and around your bathroom if you would like.

- Add a few drops of essential oils to the bath to create a pleasant aroma.

- Light your candles and put them around your bathroom, and if you have space the edge of your tub.

- Lastly if you have rose quartz place a few around your bath, not in it though.

- I normally listen to calming music to help ease my mind as well.

What to focus on:

Soak for as long as you please, your body will feel relaxed as the worries slowly drift from your body, let your negative thoughts and self doubts be taken from your as your skin is nourished and softened by the water. Let it take all f those things away as it washes over your skin. Love and appreciate the body that you have and what is in front of you. You are you no matter what and loving yourself goes a long way.

After you soak, and drain your tub your worries, negative self thoughts, and self doubts will be washed down the drain with the water carrying them away.

Be sure to clean the petals from the water before you drain the tub to prevent them from clogging any piping.

♡ Enjoy! ♡

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