Heat Wave Bath

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When most of us think "bath," we think of having a warm soak while surrounded by candles and enveloped by bubbles. But it turns out that a cool bath is the next best thing to having a swimming pool. With a few little tweaks to your regular bathing routine, soaking in the tub can actually be the perfect refuge from the heat. We can't all have a dreamy, Pinterest-worthy outdoor bathing situation, but we can feel calm, cool and relaxed in our own bathrooms.

Here's how to have the perfect, most (literally) chill summer bath.

1. Use Cool Water

Besides the fact that the thought of making your body endure more heat is making you want to pass out, immersing yourself in cool water actually lowers your core body temperature. On a day when it feels like you're a million degrees on the inside, this isn't just going to make you feel cooler. It will actually make your whole body cooler. It's one of the most effective ways to cool yourself off.

2. Use Cooling Bath Products

You know when you chew minty gum in the winter and every inhale feels icily sharp in the most pleasing, tingly way? Using mint or eucalyptus products in your bath can have the same effect on your body, increasing the cool factor. Make sure to pick items that have actual mint or eucalyptus oil and not just synthetic fragrance to get the cooling effect.

3. Drink Lots Of Refreshing, Hydrating Beverages

If you're really looking to amp up your heat-beating strategy, loading up on hydrating drinks is going to be better for you in the long run. Make infused water for that spa-like feel, chug some pineapple-spiked coconut water, brew up a fruity iced tea, or sip an electrolyte beverage. Ahh, refreshment!

4. Let Yourself Actually Relax

For someone who craves and loves relaxing alone time, I can get pretty impatient in a tub. Whether you have distracting ADD like me and suddenly remember 20 things you meant to do or just get bored quickly, send yourself in there on a mission. You can complete a guided meditation via podcast or YouTube, start or finish your latest summer read, peruse a magazine or scrub each and every toe till it shines.

5. Take Care Of That Summer Skin

What's the point of a bath without some pampering? After spending the days out in the sun or inside with moisture-zapping air conditioning, your skin and hair probably need a little TLC. Sitting in the tub is the perfect time to throw on some masks, give yourself a good scrub, and refresh your bod.

Love your tub. #tubskylove

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