Detox Bath Instructions...

This great article about bath time had a little video embedded in it that I find kind of tiresome.

5 steps to a detox bath. Hmmm. The steps all look good and the ingredients are stellar, but, hello, there are two more steps: scrub the tub before filling it and scrub the clay out after emptying it. It is also annoying that they used a great free standing clawfoot tub outside to film the glamorous bath… I’ve never rented or owned a place with a fancy tub let alone had it transported to a park so I could sunbathe at the same time.

If you are still with me (I’m feeling a bit grumpy and could use a bath, if you couldn’t tell) lets think together about what a real bath looks like with Pursoma and then imagine this: getting to take that bath when you are ready to bathe because you have a TUBSKY made to measure luxury bathtub sheet and getting someone else to scrub the tub later 😊 Now that’s the detox bath I could use.

Have a nice bath!