Bathtub Gin

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There’s a misconception out there about the term “Bathtub Gin”. Most people believe the term describes where the ingredients were mixed: a bathtub. Add a bit of mold, soap scum, and maybe some body hair, you are bound to have something special. 🤢

Bathtub Gin

Actually, there’s not much evidence to suggest gin was mixed in bathtubs during Prohibition. The term came about because a bathtub tap was used as the water source. Homemade gin requires combining grain alcohol, water, juniper berries (and other ingredients) in a large jug and allowing the mixture to steep for a short period of time. Since the jug was often too large to fit under a sink tap, a bathtub tap was used. Other than the tap, the gin didn’t come in contact with a tub.

So now you know!

Speaking of bathtubs and gin, serving alcohol for a party from your bathtub is trending.


Make sure your place has two bathrooms or that the neighbors bathroom is available for “using”.

PUT A CLEAN TUBSKY IN YOUR BATHTUB (puhleeeese? - We don’t want to put our mouths on something that has been exposed to the aforementioned mold, soap scum, and maybe some body hair…)

Fill up the TUBSKY with ice.

Turn the tap on and bring the water level up to the same level as the ice.

Drop in the bottles and cans you are chilling.

Put a nice big plant in the bathroom sink and on top of the bathroom toilet indicating that the room is not to be defiled while being used as a wet bar.

Happy St. Patricks Day!

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