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Last week my partners step mother passed away. We met near the time that I started developing the idea of a bathtub liner and she received one of my first finalized prototypes.  She was very encouraging, but she didn’t have a bathtub.  They had removed the bathtub from their one bath home and put in a shower.  They felt it was safer and they both preferred to shower.  Unfortunately, she developed a severe case of hemorrhoids.  She had them up to her last breath.  Years of suffering.  We spoke a few times about how much she would benefit from a bath, but that was no longer an option.  She could put a special plastic bowl on the toilet and sit on that for a few but PUHLEESE.  That vs. a real bath?  

Many men I talk to say that they haven’t bathed even once in their adult lives.  Many women bathe infrequently.  When the time comes to remodel the bathroom, it’s easy to be talked into letting the bathtub go. But before you do, think twice.  The bathtub is more than just a cleaning nuisance.  It is also part of the medicine kit.  If you spill boiling water on your torso, you can’t soak in an ice shower.  You need a bathtub.  If you get a severe sunburn, you can’t soak in a shower with witch hazel to cool down and heal. Mothers who have recently given birth find relief in bathing.  Psoriasis, eczema, extreme sports soaks, hives and polar vortex relief…  And if you get hemorrhoids from a sedentary life, you will be grateful to have that bathtub for daily relief. 

Beyond all that, I just feel for people who can’t slow down even for a few minutes a few times a year to commune with the goddess of the water.  If it’s the state of your bathtub that keeps you from enjoying a spontaneous bath, maybe it’s time to invest in a TUBSKY®. 

Rest in peace Phyllis. 

Mamma Naturals Sitz Bath Recipes

Epsom salt sitz bath recipe

Kara Manglani, CNM, provides a super easy Epsom salt recipe: 

Fill the sitz bath with warm water and 1/2 cup of Epsom salt

Check the temperature with your finger to make sure it’s not too hot

Submerge your vaginal and anal opening into the water and soak for at least 5 minutes

Baking soda sitz bath recipe

To make a baking soda sitz bath: 

Fill your tub with about five inches of warm water

Add 1/2 c baking soda and swish with a clean hand to dissolve

Soak for 10-15 minutes

Pat dry when done

Recipe courtesy of University Health Network 

Herbal sitz bath recipe

The easiest way to make an herbal sitz bath is to start by making tea! Yep, tea!  This is how: 

Take one scoop of sitz bath herbs and add to one quart of boiling water (This brand creates a blend of herbs and salts that are designed to promote healing, fend off infections, and soothe sore bottoms)

Simmer the herbs for up to 10 minutes

Let cool and strain the tea

Add the strained tea to a shallow sitz bath kit or your tub (if using your tub, use only a few inches of water, not a full tub)

Soak 1 to 3 times per day for two weeks or as instructed by your midwife or OB

Pro-tip: Make a big batch of tea, let cool and pour into ice cube trays. You can then prepare a warm bath and plop about 4 cubes per sitz bath session.


Regardless of which type of sitz bath you try, it’s a good idea to apply a cream or ointment post-bath to seal in the benefits. Try coconut oil or perineal balm.

TUBSKY® #abetterwaytobathe


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