The Great Salt Bath

The salt bath is the grande dame of all baths. People tell me all the time “I don’t bathe”. Then I bring up the topic of a nice Epsom salts bath and the tone changes. We all enjoy a relaxing soak in that lovely “salt” water. You can’t shower in it, so think twice before you let your husband get rid of the bathtub.  

Almost five hundred years ago, near a small town called Epsom in southern England, some people bathing in a natural spring noticed a salt-like substance in the water that seemed to leave their skin feeling soft. Fast forward to 2019, and that same natural substance (Epsom salt or magnesium sulfate) can now be found in drug-stores world-wide.

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One of the most well-known uses for magnesium sulfate is as a bath additive. Magnesium sulfate isn’t really salt as we know it. It won’t add a very nice flavor to your food. Though it looks like table salt (sodium chloride), and you can ingest it, (it’s an FDA-approved laxative), it’s actually a blend of the natural minerals magnesium and sulfate, both of which are naturally present in our bodies, each with significant health benefits.

As a natural compound, Magnesium Sulfate helps eliminate dangerous heavy metals, and supports the pancreas by elevating the quantity of digestive enzymes. On its own, Magnesium also helps manage enzyme production, enabling the optimal functioning of your body and the natural elimination of toxins and waste materials. Sulfate on the other hand is a protein-builder that focuses specifically on joints and the brain, and also supports waste elimination by helping to reinforce the digestive tract, thereby preventing seepage. (from Athletes Choice)

A magnesium salts bath soak is a gorgeous treatment for dry skin and great if you’re a bit low in magnesium. Anyone can have low magnesium levels but you can suffer more during peri menopause when your hormones are bouncing around all over the place.

Here is a super simple recipe for a moisturizing, calming and detoxifying epsom salts soak:

  • 2 cups Epsom Salts

  • 1/4 cup coconut oil to moisturize the skin

  • a few drops of essential oil for fragrance or healing

Use your TUBSKY® to keep your bathtub from getting an oily ring around it. Sit back, relax and say ahh… #abetterwaytobathe

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