BATHING WITH YOUR BABY: Before, during and after pregnancy.

Photo by KARLA GACHET found at

Photo by KARLA GACHET found at

Let’s start out with the truth: I know nothing of being pregnant as I was not blessed with that opportunity. But, I am always on high alert to anything bathing and recently I was flipping through a National Geographic Magazine and came across a picture of a woman bathing with her baby. All of a sudden, everywhere I looked there were pictures of women bathing while pregnant, in a bathtub during birth and taking a bath with a real live baby. Naturally, to keep my title of Bathing Authority, I had to investigate.

While the majority of women do choose to give birth in hospitals in the USA, there is a trend starting towards home birth and going to birthing centers. Water births are also on the rise. I spoke with a local Doula (which is similar to a Midwife only without as many certificates) and we talked for a while about home births and water births and she told me that it is rare for a woman to give birth in a standard bathtub because of the challenge of getting her out of it, should something go wrong. Plus, the hard bottom of the tub makes it uncomfortable for the mothers knees.

But after giving birth, taking a bath is a great relief. Not right after. That’s a bit messy. But as the mother is healing.

I was thinking: I bet low income mothers, illegal immigrants and even many immigrants from other societies and of other ethnicities are giving birth at home and these births are not being monitored or recorded. This made me think what a help having a TUBSKY™ would be.

  • You could put a thick yoga mat under it to cushion knees.

  • It would be much easier for a pregnant woman to put in a liner than to scrub the tub.

  • It would be much cleaner than scrubbing the tub.

Somehow, I will reach these women and let them know about TUBSKY™. Make one for each one of them and give the gift of ahh….

IF you want to read more, here are some articles I found on water birth and bathing rituals surrounding birth.

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