Angel Bath

So, for the bath this week, the bath will be inspired by the Universe and it's infinite wisdom.  Let's take an Angel Bath.  Doesn't that sound heavenly?

TUBSKY soft launched on Indiegogo last week.  It was a learning experience.  3/4 of the launch emails went to spam.  That is an easy sentence to say but it was a huge disappointment.  It's like entering a sprint competition.  You prepare and train for hundreds of hours.  You buy the right clothes.  You buy the right shoes.  You let everyone know where you will be to cheer you on.  You show up.  You crouch down, ready for the shot to go off.  Everything you've worked on for months is in place.  You are siked.  Booom!  Shot goes off.  You leap forward.  And then the soles of your shoes fall off.  It was, shall we say, a bummer. 

The feedback from the launch emails that DID get through were really uplifting though.  A mom who travels with young children that bathe cannot wait to buy a TUBSKY.  A mom who rents in LA said her bathtub is a mess and she really needs one.  A mom who shares a bathroom with her two grown boys and often receives bath product gifts  will not take a bath in her tub.  A woman who travels for pleasure and would like to take a bath while out on the road.  A man who competes athletically and takes frequent baths for sore muscles.  On and on. They are waiting for a TUBSKY!


    Shauna SmithComment