Off With The Old...


... and on with the new.  One of my favorite lines from Parent Trap.  It's a great sentiment too for the end of one year and the beginning of the next.  Whether or not you overindulged for the Holidays, you may still feel like shedding any toxic residue, both physically and mentally, from 2017 so you can enter 2018 with a clean slate.  It is quite impossible to completely detoxify, but it is important to be present with the idea of giving yourself a fresh start whenever you need one.  So, in honor of the new year and the idea of detoxifying the body, mind and soul in preparation for 2018, here are some ideas for a detoxifying bath.  The mud ingredients in the bath can leave quite a mess in your bathtub, but with a TUBSKY™ between you and your bathtub, you don't need to worry about that.  Just sit back, relax and say ahh...  #lifeisbetterwithtubsky

  • Water temperature: A little bit on the hot side to encourage some sweating - maybe 110°?
  • Bath ingredients:  a DIY cleansing bath with bentonite clay, epson salt and vinegar.
  • Face Mask: A DIY bentonite clay mask made with AZTEC mud.
  • Music: One hour and 11 minutes of 741hz Spiritual Detox ambient music.  That should be long enough to draw out the impurities from your pores while you sweat it out in the tub.
  • Body Moisturizer: Origins Ginger whipped body butter will help seal in moisture.  Clay can be very drying so make sure to have plenty of lotion on hand.  Ginger is very detoxifying internally so I feel that the scent may help you mentally and spiritually.
  • Extra: Exfoliating bath gloves for a lymphatic cleansing massage while in the tub.
  • TUBSKY™ Color: soft white