Bath Bombs

I've honestly never tried a bath bomb.  Not that I can remember.  I know that they are super popular and there is a company, now 21 years old, that is known primarily for it's bath bombs.  The company is LUSH and they were founded in Europe but they have hundreds of stores across the USA and the world.  So when someone tells me bathing is dead, I remind myself that it is alive and thriving. If I bathe and don't bomb but there are enough people bombing to keep a store like this alive and thriving, then people are bathing.  Alot.


Across the great internet one can find numerous posts and pictures of tubs that show the remnants of bath bombs stained by the colors or products added to them.  Older porcelain coated tubs are notoriously susceptible to staining.  I love this blog demonstrating the effects of a bomb gone messy: an active charcoal DIY bath bomb

Activated charcoal is such an interesting cleanser.  Because toxins stick to the activated charcoal, it makes a good candidate for a deep cleanser and detoxer. It’s all-natural and won’t add new chemicals to your skin and hair when you use it. Charcoal is basically burnt carbon.  So, I would guess that if you burn hardwood, the charcoal is different than if you burn a coconut.  I'm sure that the charcoal produced will have different benefits.  It's an amazing natural product and if you want to get scientific about it, check out the book Activated Charcoal in Medical Applications.  If, on the other hand, you just want to bathe in some, you can buy food grade activated charcoal from Gold Mountain Beauty.  They have lost of really great natural products for sale on their website. 

IF you do decide to go the route of an active charcoal bath, maybe throw in that TUBSKY™ first. #lifeiseasierwithtubsky

Getting dirty to get clean.  I love it! 

TUBSKY #abetterwaytobathe