The Frequency of Water


I used to use Creme de la Mer (miss it) and they claimed that the secret behind their success was that they "sang" to the seaweed that was used in the formula.  They vibrated it at a certain frequency which activated it somehow.  When the company was bought out, the new owners skipped the singing step and just kept the formula.  People complained that the product had changed and didn't work the same anymore.  They brought back the singing and fixed the product.  

Today I decided to listen to Tibetan OM chants at the pain relieving frequency of 174 Hz.  It made me wonder if water vibrated at any particular healing or pain relieving frequency?  Everything vibrates at some frequency. After quite a bit of research and reading way too many scholarly and esoteric articles on healing frequencies, I found that water resonates at many frequencies depending upon it's temperature, the size of the body of water, and what particulates are in it.  Water also does some amazing things when it is presented to different frequencies.  Then I found a really fun product that you drink water from.  VitaJuwel bottles. They hold gem stones and somehow, the frequency of the gems influences the water it holds and what you drink changes your state.  I don't think I'm falling for it but the bottles are super cool and they could make you think of something positive each time you drink from them.  I'm getting me one.  Some day. 

Next time I have a bath, I'm going to bring a stereo in, hook it up to my phone and play different frequencies using a frequency generator and see if the bath water conducts the frequency in a way that makes the bath more relaxing.  I wonder.... Sounds like a good product to me if it works.

TUBSKY #abetterwaytobathe