Bathing 101

milk bath.jpg

So.  Bathing is gross.  I hear that quite a bit.  Tell that to the Japanese who's culture is steeped in bathing.  Bathing means soaking in Japan (the word for bath is furo). The golden rule is to immerse yourself only after you're squeaky clean.

Imagine washing dishes by hand.  Before you put them in the tub of soapy water, you rinse them off.  Then, after soaking and washing them, you rinse them again before putting them off to dry. If you just put dishes caked in filth in the dishwater and rub them around and then go straight to the drying rack after, the odds of having a truly clean dish are not so great. Ditto that for a good bath and you've got it figured out.  

  • Rinse off the lotions, the dirt, the makeup, the sweat, the loose stuff .

  • Install your TUBSKY™

  • Fill up the tub - at this time, while the tub is filling, I like to put on my housecoat and slippers and prepare some herbal tea, gather my bathing accouterments, set the lighting and or music, depending on what time of day it is and what sort of mood I'm in and the reason for the bath (this will be a website app soon...). Some like to sit in the tub while it is filling. That's a good idea if you are the type to forget to adjust the water temperature until it's too late or if you are the type to wander off and watch a show and next thing you know your downstairs neighbor is knocking on your door...

  • Some people like to let the water sit for a while at this point, giving the chlorine a little time to evaporate or the bath bombs or Epson salts some time to dissolve. While waiting, why not clean up the fingernail and toenail situation and trim off any unwanted hair?

  • Hop in and relax in your sudsy, oily, or medicated water and stay in as long as you would like without worrying about what you are bathing with. You are bathing with you and what you like bathing with. And you don't have to worry about wasting an hours worth of water because its the same as 10 minutes worth of water. It's a bath. Just relax.

  • Then, when you are about done this is a good time to get a really close shave.

  • Time to let the water out. While the tub empties, its time to rinse off again. I like to wash and condition my hair at this time as well. If I've medicated the water, I'll just do a real quick rinse and get out so that I can keep the surface benefits of the medicine.

  • Rinse off your TUBSKY™ and hang it to dry from the shower head or a hook or take it outside and shake the rose petals off of it and throw it in the washer following the care instructions.

Bathing 101.  It's that easy to take a clean bath. 

TUBSKY™ #abetterwaytobathe