Outdoor Bathrooms


I'm OBSESSED with outdoor living.  Don't get me wrong.  I needz me indoors...but I just love the idea of having outdoor living spaces: a kitchen, a sleeping area, a living / lounging area and, of course, outdoor bathrooms.  Having outdoor living spaces is such a luxury and I know that it isn't possible for most city dwellers, which is why I love this little product / project.  It's a living moss bath mat!  I've seen examples of this around.  Here is one that runs about $124 and here is a DIY tutorial.  If I were to do one, and maybe I might, I would put the moss in a teak tray and I would put a little layer of sand / soil for the moss.  It's kind of odd that they are gluing moss to rubber.  Kind of defeats the purpose.  The purpose being that you drip onto the moss and feed the moss with your water.  Moss is one of those hearty plants that doesn't require much light or care so it should be difficult to kill, even for those who have a death thumb instead of a green thumb (I go through stages myself).  

Have fun and keep it green!

TUBSKY #abetterwaytobathe