What is a bathtub good for?

Today I went to my friend Scott's house in the lovely Barrio Viejo in downtown Tucson to look at a bunch of pipes he has made out of ironwood that he is ready to start selling.   In his retirement years he is teaching himself so many new skills:  wood working, canning, fungus farming, I forget them all. 

While there, I showed him my new packaging and label for the TUBSKY™ and he was duly impressed.  He thinks I should start working in package design.  I love anything design.  Who knows?  Anyhow, I asked if I could try out the final version of the product in his tub.  We go in his bathroom and he has to pull out of his tub a crate of mushrooms he was growing and a pile of ironwood he was washing.

So, I started thinking, what are the things we use a bathtub for that aren't bathing?  Scott of course has mushrooms and potential pipes in his.  I know I've done large dye jobs and bleach jobs in the tub.  I've used it to put all the house plants in for a good rinse and soak.  I've used it to clean animals in.  I've slept in the tub before when the A/C went out.  It was cool and I could have wet sheets and a fan on.  I also feel like the bathtub is part of the emergency first aid kit.  For example, if you spill boiling water on yourself, you can't stand in an ice shower.  Especially not here in Tucson. 

I know there is a trend now to remove bathtubs out of master baths and replace them with large walk in showers.  I hear that.  I love a large walk in.  I wonder if this new trend of removing the bathtub is such a good idea though?  I mean, is it like the trend of covering up hardwood floors with linoleum or making houses without porches?  A bath does things that a shower can't do, even if you don't bathe.  I wonder if it wouldn't be better to just upgrade the shower / tub combo and rearrange things a bit instead? I'm looking forward to putting a tub back in this house.  I need a bath.