Skinny Dippin' in the Pool

OK.  Honestly, right now I don't even have a bathtub in the new house, and it's going to be a while until one is put in.  The fates are cruel in that way.  Jen Sincero would call it the BS kicking in.  Her theory is that the moment you make a decision to do something really monumental to radically change your life, the Big Snooze, or BS for short, kicks in and starts wreaking havoc with your life.  For example: I've made a product for bathing and I no longer have a bathtub.  Now, I have to rely on other people and other tubs for testing the changes I make to TUBSKY™.  This is not the only odd BS thing.  I also became really sick the day I decided to hire a professional photographer to do some product photography for me.  I became so sick that at one point on day two of 104 degree temperature, I passed out and hit my head on the corner of a tile ledge in the shower and my face is now scarred for life.  BS is no joke.  Jen Sincero's book "You are a Badass" is awesome.  A real game changer if you lack in the self love department.  It turns BS into a blessing.

While I do not currently have a bathtub, I am blessed with a super private swimming pool outside.  Not as amazing as some of these pools, but this is a first for me and I am finding that the only thing that trumps relaxing in a hot bath is skinny dipping in the pool in the summer.  Or chunky dunking... or something in between.

If you love to swim, like I do, a great remedy for green swimmers hair caused by chlorine from the pool is taking a bath with baking soda.  Not only does it cure swimmers hair, it has all sorts of other great side effects as well.  The Natural Remedies Ideas website has the lowdown on many of the benefits of baking soda baths.  Can't wait to have a tub again!

TUBSKY #abetterwaytobathe