A Truly All Natural Bath

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Out on the border between the US and Mexico in deep south west Texas is a magical hot springs on the edge of the Rio Grande river.  It's been a place of rest and healing since it was developed in the late 1800's.  Boquillas Hot Springs is not on the way to anywhere.  If you want to get there from anywhere, you have to turn off of the I-10 and head south into Big Bend National Park and then keep driving.  About 8 hours total.  Then hike in.  Sometimes you will be alone.  Sometimes, especially near the holidays, it will be a mud hole filled with dozens of bodies jumping into the hot springs and then into the river and back again.  It was developed by J.O. Langford who drank the water for 21 days to cure the malaria he contracted as a child.  It's a great story.  Almost all natural hot springs have some story of their mineral rich content and how they heal ailments.  It makes me think of the prose I wrote a while ago about the healing frequency of water.  Maybe there is something there too.  

Some people are hot springs hunters, like me, and never miss an opportunity to experience a hot spring.  Others I have spoken to will not go into hot springs because they have fears of natural microbes in the water.  Fear.  Keeps many of us from truly experiencing life.  I hear from people about how they don't bathe for the same reason.  They are afraid of or disgusted by the idea of bathing with themselves, their own skin and bodies or what is in the bathtub.  OK.  Maybe a little blog entry on good bath hygiene would help alleviate their fears.  That and a TUBSKY™!

Keep clean and bathe free!

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