Bath Benefits

benefits of bathing.jpg

I'm heading home next week to see my parents.   I'm bringing with me a TUBSKY™ to try out in their tub.  Yup, that's how new this is.  My father is the anti-bather.  He doesn't really get it.  I'm going to coerce him into trying out the bathtub liner as part of scientific research.  I know he'll do it.  I doubt he's bathed once in his adult life.   

So, why even bother bathing?  Why not just always shower.  Here's my list:

  • Showering, you stand on your feet. Bathing, you are lying back and the water is taking much of your weight off of your frame. That alone sets it apart for those who spend much of their days on their feet.

  • When you shower, water runs downhill. Imagine a rock in nature - rain washes and wears down the top side, but underneath there is dirt and moss and strange things still growing. I imagine the same to be true of showering unless you go out of your way to go back up.

  • When you bathe, you soak off impurities. Imagine a dirty pan in the sink. You rinse it, the loose stuff comes off but the rest must be scrubbed. Take that same pan and soak it, you can easily rinse it off without scrubbing. So if the same holds true with a bath, you can rinse clean without all of the scrubbing.

  • If you have a skin condition or a sore or damaged muscle, standing in the shower with epson salts or your healing formula of choice does you no good. Lying back in a tub of water with the additives is essential.

There have been scientific studies done for decades about the health benefits of bathing.  Not one has been done on the health benefits of maintaining a bacteria free, perfectly functioning bathtub though.  Maybe my parents would be in a healthier place now if they had taken a few baths once in a while.  But, then, there is that problem of one bathroom for 7 people...  Never judge a person until you walk a mile in their moccasins

Keep clean and bathe on.