What is a bathtub?

i need a bath.jpg

Some people love to bathe.  Some people prefer to shower.  Some shower but would rather bathe and... well you get my point.  Wherever you are at on that continuum,  I wonder if you ever looked at your bathtub and thought about it's proportions or it's shape or its volume or anything of that sort unless you were using it for a science experiment or to dye some fabric in.  I know I never did until I started working on this product, the TUBSKY™. 

What I learned is that there is no bathtub size standard.  There is no standard for the material it is made out of.  There is no standard for the location of the faucet or the drain or the overflow hole. There really are very few guidelines for tubs beyond local code regulations for the plumbing.  I even found along the way that it isn't mandatory to have an overflow hole, only that it is plumbed if you have one.  But shocking enough, many of them aren't plumbed or are not plumbed correctly. 

Anyhow, this all goes to say that making a product for a moving target like the bathtub has been a real mind-bender.  How to keep the TUBSKY™ up in a non-standardized bathtub made out of varying materials was tricky as well.  I'm so excited to finally be able to have most of the basic puzzle solved and have a product on it's way to production!