What is a Blog?


What is a "blog"?  It's a we(b log).  A log of something posted on the web.  I remember when the internet was fresh and new and scary and confusing...  When the first search engine I used was Jerry and Dave's guide to the world wide web.  I now see this guide as their "blog" of the web which turned into a search engine which was bought out by Yahoo!.  

Blogging isn't my thing.  So why am I doing this?  Over the last 3 years I have developed a product I named TUBSKY™, an alternative bathtub liner that is removable and machine washable.  Along the way came across so many interesting facts about bathing, so many cool products created for bathing and some really intriguing DIY bath ideas.   Instead of keeping this bathing stream of consciousness to myself, I thought maybe I'd figure out how to share it.  SO.  Blog post number one.  Why this blog is about to begin...

TUBSKYShauna Smith