Anxiety and the Bath


First ever Bath of the Week.  And where does it start?  With a nice de-stress bath.  Bathing is the BEST for relaxing and winding down.  Preparing for the Holiday Season and navigating all of the people that come out of the cracks and decided they can drive is just about as stressing as season can get.  Join with us to visualize yourself floating away with this de-stress pastel bath in the sky.  So easy to do.  Hopefully one day super soon we will be able to make TUBSKY™ in prints so we can take an ordinary bath to a different place.

  • Water temperature: Not too hot.  Not too cold.  But you may need to warm it up a bit because my guess is you will want to spend a little extra time floating in your TubSky.
  • Bath ingredients:  LUSH Blue Skies & Fluffy White Clouds Bubble Bar scented for when you need to get away from it all, this bubble bar will help you float off. Patchouli and frankincense give it an exotic, hypnotic fragrance that helps you relax. This melts into your bathwater, turning the water sky-blue, dotted with foam clouds. Patchouli is used as a relaxant by aromatherapists, while frankincense and cinnamon leaf oil add spicy, deep tones to the calming scent.
  • The Environment: Cloud soft pastel bath mat by Society6, a nice soft robe to slip into, and a lovely scented Amber Patchouli Candle: Fragrance notes: herbal, citrus, aromatic, green,a top notes blend with a geranium, rose, violet, oakmoss, heliotrope, muguet, heart notes wrapped amber, patchouli, sandalwood, tonka bean, musk, sweet powdery. 
  • Music: A Spotify De-stress playlist with ONLY 4 followers? It's awesome. 30 hours of chillax... Thanks sabrinac97-us.
  • Body Moisturizer: Infused with the therapeutic blend of Arnica and Lavender, Aromatherapy Associates' De-Stress Body Oil works to gently ease any muscular aches and pain. Suitable for pre or post exercise, this luxurious body oil also helps to support healthy circulation and revive tired, overworked muscles as well as nourishing the skin.
  • TUBSKY™ Print: pastel clouds and rainbows...goodbye traffic.
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