Bathtub Refinishing

I've been searching around the internet for pictures of the "average" bathtub, the one that you find in almost every average house.  It is:

  • Alcove (set in a between three walls)
  • Bath / shower combo 
  • Made of a fiberglass, acrylic or painted metal

Unfortunately it's difficult to find pictures.  Probably because they aren't newsworthy.  But I do find PLENTY of before and after shots of a million and one ways to re-finish a bathtub because replacing it is so expensive.  Many of us have memories of living in places with "refinished" tubs.  Paint peeling off, fiberglass cover cracked, stains in the refinished porcelain enamel (which really can't be refinished because porcelain is baked on, not painted on) and all sorts of other bummers.

If you take the time, effort and money to refinish your tub... You might want to think about using a TUBSKY™ when you bathe in order to keep that new finish clean and in good condition. #abetterwaytobathe

Keep clean and bathe on!


bathingShauna Smith1 Comment