Brief but Spectacular Facts About the Bathtub

The For Reals:

  • In 1883, an American man by the name of John Michael Kohler invented the world's first bathtub. He took a cast-iron horse trough and added four decorative feet to the bottom of it and covered it in an enamel finish.  Giddyup.   
  • In 1911, the Kohler Company introduced the built-in bathtub which evolved into the cornerstone of the modern bathroom: the alcove tub-and-shower combo. This style of bathtub saved space and was easier to clean around.
  • Still, by 1921, only 1% of the populations’ homes had indoor plumbing, as outhouses were still all the rage in rural America. 
  • More on the history of bathtubs and bathing?   Check out MentalFloss.


  • The modern built in bathtub probably started becoming "standard" around the mid 1930's.  
  • Guess what?  Most of the homes that were built then still stand now. 
  • These places of residence often, especially in rental situations, still have the original bathtubs. 


  • What do you do if your bathtub sucks and you don't have the cash flow or time to do something about it?
  • Or you are in a rental situation and are blessed with whatever bathtub you have - just the way it is? 
  • Or if you share the bathtub with others and live in #scrubtopia (which, in my opinion, is one of the main reasons why a good bath is such a luxury anymore)? 
  • Who can really relax in a dirty / old tub that has seen so many other peoples bums? 

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Jazz Era bathroom and the new alcove tub / shower combo. What's up with the second sink?

Jazz Era bathroom and the new alcove tub / shower combo. What's up with the second sink?