Created for the love of Bathing


Our Calling


We want to give you the opportunity to take a bath when you want, wherever life takes you. 


The Founder

Shauna Smith, Bathing Enthusiast

Shauna Smith, Bathing Enthusiast

IN her career as a soft goods product developer, Shauna has helped many clients create products that solve problems.  Then she decided to help solve a tricky problem that she had never thought of before: The thing that keeps people from the therapeutic benefits of a bath is often the condition of the bathtub. 

Her desire to create an opportunity for a better, cleaner, easier bath that anyone could afford inspired her to create TUBSKY™.


Made to measure


Length x depth x width + shape=M2M


The Product

TUBSKY™ protects you and your bathtub.

TUBSKY™ was developed based on extensive research of bathtubs, bathing habits and ideal materials for the bathing experience. 

A One Size (O/S) fits most solution was created, but bathtubs can vary so dramatically in length, depth, width and shape, a one size bathtub liner doesn’t create a great bathing experience.

This inspired us to create a better product: A tailor made TUBSKY™. It goes in easily and feels like it belongs in your bath. TUBSKY™ #abetterwaytobathe.





The Environment

Partnering with Bio-Tec EcoPure.

Partnering with Bio-Tec EcoPure.

Plastic film is the only water-proof material available to create a product like TUBSKY™ from. We have made a choice to use the least toxic film available to create a long lasting, durable and thoughtful product. We chose to not put standard biodegrading agents in the plastic because most biodegradable plastic are harmful to the environment and create products that cannot be recycled. Then we found EcoPure.

We believe in offsetting our plastic footprint and donate monthly to 4Ocean.