For it is in the giving that one receives. -St. Francis of Asisi


To gift a tubsky all you need to do is:

  • Call the TUBSKY hotline at 833-965-6876 and tell us what you need OR

  • At checkout in the “comments” area put the name and email of the person that you are going to gift a TUBSKY to and any message you would like to include.

  • Enter the shipping address as that of your gift recipients mailing address.

  • We will send the order confirmation email to you but you can ignore the link to fill in the measurements (unless you have them…).

  • A second email will be sent to your “giftee” with your personalized message and the link to enter the bathtub measurement information. We will BCC you on this email so you know it was sent and you can see how cute it is 😊 If you prefer a physical card be sent, we can do that too.

    Call the TUBSKY hotline and talk to a real person for more information:


    All of the guarantees that come with the purchase of a TUBSKY will be passed on to your gift recipient, so you can sit back and relax knowing you gave the gift that keeps on giving.