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Can I use a bath cushion with TUBSKY?

You sure can. In fact, you can put a towel or two UNDER your TUBSKY to cushion your bath. They wont float because they will be safely under the TUBSKY.

How many times can I use this bathtub liner before I have to replace it?

We developed TUBSKY to be a sustainable bathtub sheet which means: we care about our plastic footprint. We want your TUBSKY to last forever so you never have to retire it. But, like your favorite socks, eventually it’s going to blow. But also, like your favorite socks, it’s good to have a few pairs in rotation so that they can “rest” between uses. If you wear your socks once a year, you may have them for life. If you wear them every day, you may go through a few pairs each year. Same with TUBSKY. 

Can I use TUBSKY in the tub for a shower?

 TUBSKY was designed for bathing.  The bathtub sheet will shift around until there is a few inches of water on top of it. Water under the bathtub liner will cause it to float. Use with care for showering. 

Can I leave a TUBSKY in the tub for a long time?

If water gets between the TUBSKY and the bathtub and you leave it in place, then mold and fungus will grow under it.  Just get in the habit of pulling it out and hanging it up to dry after each bath.

My TUBSKY has sprung a leak.  What do i do?

Using a waterproof vinyl tape on the bottom side of the TUBSKY, you can patch a hole: 

  • Lay your dry TUBSKY upside down on a hard flat surface (table, floor, etc.). Cut a piece of vinyl tape (or duct tape if you don't mind a grunge look) to the size of the hole.

  • With the tear or puncture hole "closed" place the tape over the hole and press firmly into place.

  • Allow it to set for a day or so and you should be good to go.

Does the TUBSKY have an anti-slip surface?

The surface of the TUBSKY is not anti-slip. Our experience and feedback is that because of the type of material that TUBSKY is made from, it feels safer and less slippery than a plain wet bathtub. Use your own discretion. You can always put an anti-slip mat on top of your TUBSKY if you are concerned.

Where can I find TUBSKY for purchase?

Currently the only place to purchase TUBSKY is on this website.

Will TUBSKY work with tubs with jets or whirlpool style bathtubs?

A TUBSKY cannot be engineered to work with jets, so: yes it may fit in the tub, but no, you can't use the jets. 

How well will it fit my bathtub?

When you unpack your TUBSKY, it will be heavily creased, but after you put it in the tub and fill it up with water you will find that the water pressure pushes it out to a perfect fit. When you are in the filled TUBSKY, it feels as if it is glued to the tub. This is also why it barely needs the velcro dots and stays put once filled.



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