TUBSKY® and Eco-Pure® are the perfect combination.

To minimize the environmental effects of plastic waste, Bio-Tec Environmental, LLC, created EcoPure®, an organic plastic additive that is proven to increase the rate of plastic biodegradation* in treated plastic products.

EcoPure® accelerates the biodegradation of treated plastics in microbe-rich environments, including landfills, where more than 80% of plastics are disposed. According to D5511 test results, EcoPure® significantly accelerates the biodegradation process, resulting in safely degraded plastics in a fraction of the time.

EcoPure® - Landfill Biodegradable Technology

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  • Biodegradation is a process where micro-organisms metabolize substances, in this case plastic, and break them down to simple molecules

  • Plastics treated with EcoPure® show enhanced biodegradation* (Anaerobic) rates as compared to untreated plastics

  • Does not need heat, sunlight or enhanced mechanical stress to break down

  • Biodegradation* occurs in a landfill disposal environment

  • REACH / FDA compliant / Recyclable


Oxo-Degradable Technology

  • Oxo-degradable plastics degrade when exposed to heat and/or light. The additives serve to initiate and accelerate break-down of the plastic by a process known as ‘oxidative degradation’. Exposure to heat and/or light causes the molecules to break apart so that the plastic weakens in strength, becomes brittle and fragments into small pieces. 

  • Require heat, sunlight or enhanced mechanical stress to degrade instead of disposal environment.

  • While some products are renewable, they can have unintended detrimental side effects to the environment.

BioPlastics or Bio-Based Plastics

  • Bioplastics (or bio-based plastics) are be made from renewable resources like cornstarch. Some types of bioplastics are biodegradable but not all of them are.

  • A bio-based plastic is a plastic derived from a renewable source.

  • Negative effect on the recycling stream.